Garage 9:11 tasting


What’s included in this offer?

  • Presentation of the Garage 9:11 collection;
  • Introduction to the history of Porsche in Lithuania;
  • Professional petrolhead guide;
  • FANATEC GT2 European series screening (optional);
  • Le Mans restaurant buffet (cold and hot appetizers, dessert);
  • A glass of bubbly;
  • A cup of coffee or tea;
  • Permission to take photos.

Duration – unlimited

Ticket price – EUR 110

Once we put together a group of 10 people, we will inform you by e-mail about possible dinner dates.

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What makes this offer special? 

You’re invited to see the world’s rarest Porsche RS models and listen to extraordinary stories about each car! The collection includes seven very rare Porsche exhibits. Each represents a different generation of Porsche, which has changed every 7-10 years. All of the cars bear the RS, GT3 RS or GT2 RS badge. These are Porsche’s sportiest cars. You will also have the unique opportunity to admire a 2022 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 – one of just 30 such cars worldwide. During the tour, you will be served a glass of sparkling wine, delicious cold and hot appetizers, and some delightful dessert, all of which will be prepared by the chefs at Le Mans, a neighbourhood restaurant.