964 RS America

The Americans decided that the last Carrera RS model was too aggressive and did not meet their safety requirements. So in 1993, Porsche introduced the RS America, a version designed specifically for the United States. It was a milder car than the Carrera RS. To save weight, the manufacturers released the car without power steering, rear seats, door pockets, and most of its sound deadening. The price of this car in the States was USD 10,000 less than the standard 911.



3.6-litre six-cylinder, atmospheric


5 gears, mechanical gearbox


250 hp @ 6,100 rpm


1 340 kg


0–100 km/h – 5.5 seconds

Top speed

260 km/h


310 Nm @ 4,800 rpm

Production run

701 units

Driver reviews

Aurelijus Rusteika: “This is one of the most comfortable RS models. It’s nice for travelling. The power and gears are like in a standard Carrera. The fact that there’s no power steering is more exotic than it is necessary. It’s not suitable at all for the racetrack, so it doesn’t justify the RS badge.”