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Our Porsche RS models

The Porsche RS collection was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania by Aurelijus Rusteika, a car enthusiast and racing driver. The collection is made up of nine very rare models. Each represents a different generation of Porsche, which has changed every 7-10 years. All of the cars bear the RS, GT3 RS or GT2 RS badge. RS stands for Rennsport, which is German for “Racing Sport”. These are Porsche’s sportiest cars. The RS debuted in 1972, and the GT3 was unveiled in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. Two-time World Rally champion Walter Röhrl assisted Porsche’s constructors in the development of this model. From the very first car, every GT3 RS has featured superior speed and handling than its 911 counterparts.

Tickets to public events in the Garage 911

Take a tour of the Porsche RS car collection

19,11 EUR

Experience the Porsche RS car collection tour with light appetizers

70 EUR

Experience the Porsche RS car collection excursion and enjoy a tasting dinner

110 EUR

Gift cards for public events held in the Garažas 9:11 space

Gift card - tour of the Porsche RS car collection

19,11 EUR

Gift card - the Porsche RS car collection excursion with tasting dinner

99,10 EUR

Events at Garage 911

Book a private dinner surrounded by Porsches, including a private tour. Enquire – HERE

Exclusive presentation of the Garage 911 collection with its creator, racing driver Aurelijus Rusteika. By separate agreement.

Garage 911 is also available as a venue for various corporate events, conferences, and personal celebrations.


To see the cars, come visit us at Užupio g. 24, Vilnius, LT- 01203