2010 911 997.2 GT3 RS

The 997.1 GT3 RS was introduced in Europe in October 2006, and the 997.2 GT3 RS in the collection went into production in 2010. It has an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 3 kilograms per horsepower. Approximately 2,000 units were produced in total.

The only available transmission is a six-speed manual gearbox. It is extremely light, but features excellent speed and precision. The car’s stability is improved by the massive rear wing and wider body.



3.8-litre six-cylinder


6 – speed, mechanical gearbox


450 hp @ 7,300 rpm


1 370 kg


0–100 km/h – 4.0 seconds

Top speed

310 km/h


430 Nm @ 6,750 rpm

Production run

2 000 units

Driver reviews

Aurelijus Rusteika: “This is the last GT3 RS that was only available with a manual gearbox. It’s a stiff ride, so a good warm-up is key. The interesting design of the gearbox and the flywheel makes it really noisy at idle. When you start the engine, the titanium exhaust tips emit a really nice sound and invite you to the racetrack.

The amount of power and short gear travel make it really easy to redline. That’s this car’s Achilles heel.”