2004 996.2 GT3RS

This racing model is also road legal. In developing the car, the Germans were looking to rewrite the history of motorsports once again. The model became a record holder with a power-to-weight ratio of 4.86 kg/kW. It was the first 911 with a water-cooled engine. The impressive weight was achieved by removing some of the soundproofing, the rear seats, the air conditioner and some of the interior trim, and replacing the rear glass window with Perspex. The Clubsport package has roll bars, a six-point harness, a racing seat and a fire extinguisher.

The car has a massive rear wing for better looks and aerodynamics, extra vents at the top of the front bumper, and racing stripes with the GT3 logo on its flanks.

This model’s uniqueness and rarity have resulted in a sharp increase in its market price.



3.6-litre six-cylinder, atmospheric


6 gears, mechanical gearbox


381 hp @ 7,300 rpm


1 360 kg


0–100 km/h – 4.4 seconds

Top speed

306 km/h


385 Nm @ 5,000 rpm

Production run

682 units (200 units with blue rims)

Driver reviews

Former Evo editor John Barker says the steering wheel conveys information about the car’s grip very accurately, while the front handles very easily and precisely on turns, which is something that some other GT3s are missing.

Aurelijus Rusteika: “The systems in the last Porsche GT3 RS model don’t ‘help’ you drive, so it’s easy to feel the grip limit and powersliding isn’t hard. This is a model that creates real driving pleasure. The only drawback is that the engine is too quiet.”