1992 964 RS

In 1992, Porsche introduced a super-lightweight, rear-wheel-drive only version of the RS for the European market. 260 hp was a lot of power at that time. The RS had only the bare minimum – no air conditioning, power windows, cruise control or sound system were included. Light materials were used for the body – aluminium and magnesium alloy. Rear seats and a lot of the acoustic insulation were omitted. The manufacturers even left out the usual body underseal, which resulted in the normal 10-year anti-corrosion warranty being reduced to just three. The base model didn’t even have power steering. Everything got lighter and smaller, except for the brake discs, which went from 298 mm to 322 mm. 17-inch wheels also began to be used instead of the previous 16-inch wheels. The rear wings were widened to accommodate the larger wheels.

The M001 and M003 models were specially adapted for racing. Only 290 units were produced. Meanwhile, another model was created for roads – the M002 Touring, which had more standard equipment, acoustic insulation, and better anti-corrosion coating with the normal 10-year warranty. The Porsche 964 RS was not sold in the United States because the tuning was seen as being too aggressive, and it also lacked some mandatory safety features.

Dubbed the Carrera RS, the model was only produced for 12 months – from 1991 to 1992.



3.6-litre six-cylinder, atmospheric


5 gears, mechanical gearbox


260 hp @ 6,200 rpm


1 240 kg


0-100 km/h – 5.4 seconds

Top speed

260 km/h


325 Nm @ 4,800 rpm

Production run

2,282 units, with Rubystone Red being a particularly rare colour

Driver reviews

Aurelijus Rusteika: “An incredibly light and sporty Porsche RS model. With it, you feel every centimetre of the road or track. It’s easy to predict slip and cornering. You’re guaranteed to grin from ear to ear.”